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Corporate Mission

Japan has been a close relationship with the world since IT industry and transportation network are rapidly developed. We are jointly developed with the world of economical and resourced perspective, and always need to be aware of not only a4out our country but also other countries.

By looking through the entire planet, we need to act as a member of the Spaceship Earth.

ZE Energy has technology which have accumulated over 20 years.

Carbonizer, gasified equipment, and wood biomass gasified generation system.

We are convinced to provide service for customers adopting other technologies.

Issue of Environment, energy, and food supply,
We are able to popularize “local production for local consumption model” by resources, environmental, economical, and cultural side.

It is entered a period of high added value products and accurate production / accurate consumption from mass production and mass consumption.

Not only about products, but also energy,
Effective use of local resources, and convert the waste to resources.
Creating small scale energy,
Using exhaust gas and CO2 effectively,
Finding out real added valued primary industry of forestry and agriculture,
Creating job opportunities in the region and sustainable society.

We are beyond as being single entity,
Cooperate with society as a locally-oriented distributed enterprise,
Like a brain cell of the planet, Keep sending a signal and contribute to the prosperity of customers,
We continue to fulfill our responsibilities as a member of the Spaceship Earth for future children.

CEO Kohei MatsushitaCEO Kohei Matsushita

ZE Energy Corporate Mission

- Zero Emission -

Viewing from a global perspective, Providing unique environmental technologies and services,
Specializing in the issue of environment, energy, and agriculture,
We aim to become a synaptic corporate entity to realize
"Great development for the local area", "Sustainability of the resources", and "Prosperity of customers".

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