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Technology of pellet boiler by European leading company

Compact boiler system pursues convenience and meets the various demands of customers

ZE Energy Inc., an exclusive Japanese distributor of ÖkoFEN Forschungs- und Entwicklungsges.m.b.H.(ÖkoFEN) in Japan, proposes the use of biomass boiler adapted to the climate and regional characteristics in Japan.

ÖkoFEN, founded in Austria in 1989, is a pioneer of pellet boiler through advanced technology and seamless service, and rapidly expanding the market share in a network office in worldwide.
In the modern world with great demand for energy-saving, ÖkoFEN keeps pursuing convenience functions such as original pellet storage system and handy touch screen display.

ÖkoFEN Forschungs- und Entwicklungsges.m.b.H.

ÖkoFEN 木質ペレットボイラー

[Features of ÖkoFEN wood pellet boiler]

1. Achievement of low-cost maintenance

ÖkoFEN’s products are designed to be long-lasting and offer the ultimate in reliability using finest material and accurate control system. ÖkoFEN made technical improvements to multi-segment burner plate, and individual segments in the burner plate can be replaced, ensuring maintenance cost are kept to a minimum and service life is maximized.

2. Possible deliberate use with consumption information

The optional weighing system can ensure the pellet consumption information accurately via controller. It is useful system to manage fuel use and cost for local authority and company.

3. Simple handled system design

Fully automatic with ignition, output adjustment and daily cleaning carried out without the need for you to intervene thus maintaining the boiler’s performance at maximum efficiency. All of the ash produced collects in an easily removable ash box with keeping your hands clean.
* Ash box is equipped as standard or option depending on the models.

4. Flexible and economical

When demand for heat is high it will switch to maximum output. But when demand tails off it will adjust its output accordingly- to as low as 30 % of its availabile capacity, keeping fuel use to a minimum.

5. High energy efficiency at low load

Thanks to Cascade control up to four boilers can run in parallel, generating high levels of heat and low level of wear on the individual boilers. When full power is not required, only the boilers that are actually needed will be called into use.

Pellet boiler is used for many places

[Public facilities]

Public facilities

[Hot spring/Public bath]

Hot spring/Public bath



ÖkoFEN’s wood pellet boiler is easy to handle and maintain so that can be used in various places. Also pellets as fuel are easy to transport and store.
We propose optimum installation method adjusted to meet your demand.

  • Agriculture house

  • Snowmelt facility & Aquaculture industry

  • Swimming pool

  • Food factory

  • School

  • Hospital

  • Restaurant

  • Office

Heat and electricity from wood pellets, carbon neutral cogeneration system

ÖkoFEN boiler technologies with high efficiency sterling engine realized cogeneration system.
There are two types;Pellematic Smart_e and Pellematic e-max. They are applicable from household to large scale building.

※Please contact us for technical data.

Bountiful lineup which you can choose output as you wish

Boiler Type PE(S)10 PE(S)12 PE(S)15 PE(S)20 PE(S)25 PE(S)32
Boiler-rated power kW 10 12 15 20 25 32
B - overall width of boiler mm 1130 1130 1130 1130 1186 1186
C - width of boiler casing mm 700 700 700 700 756 756
H - height of boiler casing mm 1090 1090 1090 1090 1290 1290
D - height of pellet suction system mm 1392 1392 1392 1392 1592 1592
T - depth of boiler casing mm 814 814 814 814 870 870
V - depth of burner casing mm 508
E - flue gas tube connection height mm 645 645 645 645 844 844
Overall Weight kg 350 350 350 350 430 430
Water capacity l 64 64 64 64 104 104
Flue gas tube diameter mm 130 130 130 130 150 150
Electrical connection value 200V,50/60Hz,16A(100V is available)

*Please pay attention to technical changes!

Boiler Type PES36 PES48 PES56
Boiler-rated power kW 36 48 56
B - overall width of boiler mm 1297 1297 1297
C - width of boiler casing mm 862 862 862
H - height of boiler casing mm 1553 1553 1553
D - height of pellet suction system mm 1855 1855 1855
T - depth of boiler casing mm 990 990 990
V - depth of burner casing mm 508
E - flue gas tube connection height mm 1,040
Overall Weight kg 605
Water capacity l 135
Flue gas tube diameter mm 180
Electrical connection value 200V,50/60Hz,16A(100V is available)

*Please pay attention to technical changes!

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