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Methane Gas Power Generation System

Methane Gas Power Generation System

The methane system which successfully pursued Simplification  for the management and Low budget for the maintenance cost seriously based on the abundant results in the Netherlands

Methane Generation corresponding to industrial waste such as agriculture residue, food residue, and feces and urine of the domestic animal

We have exclusive sales contract for Asian market with Dutch methane system manufacturer, BBE company established in 2005, who specializes in design, construction, finance and O&M, boasting of the generation volume 500GWh in early 2013 (approximately 32 systems worth when converting it to our ZEE’s Biomass Generation system of 2.5MWh), has considerable results and experience in original methane gasification and also in generation technique even for only fowl droppings containing a lot of ammonia outbreak.

【Characteristic of the Methane Gas Power Generation System】

1. Applicability of residual substance containing much water, and the compost :

You can make good use of the residual substance and the compost which were treated as a waste so far, and after the use for methane generation utilize it as liquid fertilizer for soil improvement materials.

2. Labor saving operation :

The maintenance expense is low because a full-time officer would not be requied.

3. Applicability of fowl droppings :

100% of fowl droppings can be reused to generate electricity without having to be mixed with other garbage.

■ Electricity generation procedure :

(1) Solid garbage and liquid garbage which were classified

(2) Mixing garbage of (1) in Pre-Pit.

(3) Fermentation of (2) at 40 degrees centigrade for approximately 100 days in fermenter (tank).

(4) Extraction of biogas from the microbe which fermented.

(5) Electricity generation starting an engine using biogas as fuel.

(6) The garbage after the generation use will be usable as liquid fertilizer after heating at 70℃ to deaden bacteria.

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