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Biomass Pelletizing System

Biomass Pelletizing System

Biomass to replace fossil fuels produces cleaner and safer fuels.

Biomass pelletizing system achieves system-wide cost reduction

“Pellet” is a general term for pieces solidified from powdered material. ZE Energy’s biomass pelletizer takes in sawdust or ground systems and applies pressure to solidify the material. No adhesive is required because the materia is solidified by constituents present in the systems themselves. The pelletizer can also manufacture fertilizer and animal feed. We add crushing, grinding and cooling equipment around the central biomass pelletizer to provide biomass manufacturing system. Providing the entire system as a comprehensive system cuts costs.

■ Pelletizing process flow

Pelletizing process flow

Features of our biomass pelletizers

Compatible with diverse fuel pellets

Change the screen hole size to adjust the fuel pellet size.

Low-cost equipment

Our production system of overseas production centers achieves low equipment prices.

Robust and durable structure

Our compact and simple equipment designs produce robust and durable equipment.

[Flow of Pelletizing]
Raw Material for Pellet Fuel


The above are typical agricultural residues used as raw materials for pellet fuels. Fossil fuels impose large environmental burdens, and reserves are limited, so their prices are expected to rise rapidly in future. Compared to fossil fuels, agricultural residues can reduce environmental loads and cost burdens.


The size of pellet fuel can be adjusted by changing the screen hole size of Die.

Reuse pellets as biomass fuels

The pellets created can be used in our biomass generation system biomass boilers and biomass burners, as fuel or as raw material for gasification.

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