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Small Hydropower Generation

Small Hydropower Generation

Small hydroelectric power generation system which realizes the best cost performance through the project progress of a number of experiences and local community-based

Small-scale hydroelectric power generation to achieve a stable power supply with high efficiency

We, ZE Energy Inc. have made the technology alliance with HPI Group of Companies (hereinafter, HPI), engaging in mainly small-scale hydroelectric power project in Sri Lanka.
We will strive to expand our business for not only biomass power generation business also the small hydro and micro-hydro power generation business at home and abroad in the future.

HPI was established to supply electricity to the national power grid in the rapidly growing Sri Lanka in 1999 for the purpose, and has become one of the pioneers to provide a service in one-stop under the EPC contract covering the construction of facilities and maintenance operations from the site investigation.

Measuring the cost of optimization in cooperation with local businesses and residents, HPI have completed a number of projects mainly in South Asia and Africa so far.
The total power generation capacity has achieved total of 22MW in the 13 years until 2013, of which performance has been evaluated internationally higher.

Hydro power International (Pvt.)Ltd


[ Equipment overview of the hydroelectric power spiral rotating system ]

[ Characteristic of small hydroelectric power generation system ]

1.High energy conversion efficiency and cost performance

It has 70-90% of the power generation efficiency, much higher even compared to other renewable energy such as solar power (10% less) and wind power (about 30%).
It is one of the energy technology for the most cost-effective in the long-term use because of not only the low budget at the construction time but also system that has been designed to withstand more than 50 years, which has been realized from the wealth of experience.

2.Easy to predict the amount of power generation

It is possible to predict the amount of power generation at a high level due to foreseeing from the annual rainfall pattern and the factor that water flow amount changes gently every day.

3.Stable supply of electricity

Stable supply of electricity can be available for 24 hours throughout the year because it can operate under less weather effects if there is running water.

4.Environmental consciousness

Small hydroelectric power generation is better to environmental because since it also can design for small amount of water or non water storage, less likely to threaten the ecosystem by such as dam construction.

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