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ZERO Energy Use New Energy to Cut Burden on the Earth to Zero Biomass Power Generation System

Biomass generation is a new strategy that uses three “E”s to convert cost into profit.

Biomass Power Generation Now Makes a U-turn in Thinking About Energy, to Use the Resources of the Earth to the Full

Biomass is a carbon neutral resource, which has no impact on CO2. Society as a whole is looking forward to its full-scale diffusion as clean and safe energy to replace fossil fuels. Furthermore, biomass power generation takes biomass that has previously been processed as waste, and uses it as a heat source for power generation, cutting waste disposal cost and fuel cost. Biomass power generation is attracting attention around the world as a revolutionary way to simultaneously solve multiple issues facing society and companies, including climate change prevention, stable energy supply, and the reduction of waste treatment costs and fuel costs.

Taking Environmental Load Ever Closer to Zero

Biomass is a carbon neutral resource, which has no impact on CO2. This is clean and safe energy, with low emissions of NOx and SOx, which are atmospheric pollutants, and low environmental loads.

Rlsk avoidance through stable energy supply
(greater energy self-sufficiency rate)

Using biomass, available close at hand, in place of fuels such as oil and coal, which are said to be heading for depletion if we continue to use them as we do now, stabilizes energy supply.

Reduce waste costs and fuel costs

Using biomass that has previously been processed as waste, and using it as fuel for power generation, cuts waste disposal cost and fuel cost.

■Biomass power generation system can be expected to deliver high productivity and stable profits

■ The feed-in-tariff system for renewable energy

The Act on Special Measures Concerning the Procurement of Renewable Energy by Electric Utilities, which came into effect on July 1st, 2012, started the feed-in-tariff system. The system obliges power companies to buy electricity generated from solar, wind, hydro, geothermal or biomass generation at a fixed price for a fixed period, to promote the wider use of renewable energy.
This system makes it easier to establish the outlook for recouping the costs required for capital investment, and facilitates participation in the energy business. The electricity purchased by power companies is generally used through the power transmission grid, and the cost is borne by the public in the form of a surcharge within electricity bills.

■ Purchase price and period

(in Japan)

Purchase price and period


[Methane fermentation gas] Methane gas from sewage sludge, livestock manure and food residue

[Woody biomass from thinnings] Thinning material, final cutting wood *

[General woody biomass / Agricultural residue] Lumber scraps, imported timber *, palm coconut shell, rice husk, rice straw

[Construction material waste] Construction material waste, other wood material

[General waste / other biomass] Pruned branches and wood scrap, paper, food residue, edible oil waste, sludge, livestock manure, black liquor

※As to the waste without proof being based on the "Guidelines for proof of woody biomass to be subjected to the power generation use", it should be treated as construction waste.

For more information, please refer to HP of Agency for Natural Resources and Energy "Nattoku! Renewable energy"

Renewable energy that everyone helps to develop

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