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Three Services to Bring The Customer Safety and Peace of Mind

We provide three services to handle any problems and maintenance needs.
With dealerships nationwide as service contacts, we offer original insurance plans that cover natural disasters, electrical and mechanical accidents, and all kinds of risks that can affect a place of business such as PL and earthquake insurance. We also offer a range of maintenance systems in readiness for potential failures.

Full Warranty and Insurance to Cover Disasters and Losses

ZE Energy strives to develop accident-free equipment, so that our customers can use our systems with peace of mind.

Full Warranty and Insurance to Cover Disasters and Losses

We offer a range of PL insurance, earthquake insurance, and original insurance products tailored to biomass power generation systems.

Maintenance System for Peace of Mind

We immediately rush to deal with problems occurring anywhere in the country. We also provide remote operation and maintenance support in distant areas.

■ The ZE Energy Backup System

From Japan to the World, An Overseas Network Spreading the Circle of Recirculation

It is no longer possible to discuss action against climate change in terms of the interests of individual countries. There is an urgent need for action on a global scale. ZE Energy has run an operation trial on the first biomass power generation system in Japan, which we installed, and has used the results to begin exports to the USA. In future we plan to expand our operations to Europe, South America, Asia and around the world. We will carry on working with local partners as we strive to improve the environment in many countries.

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